We have an on-site processing facility to produce the raw materials required for the production of your components. This means that we are able to offer short lead times because we process all steel in-house.

Steel Processing Services

Our steel processing facility has a highly skilled team with machinery to fabricate steel to a client’s specifications. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Rotary Slitting – Slitting is the process of cutting large rolls of sheet metal using rotary blades. We can cut strips of metal to varying widths depending on our client’s needs.
  • Edge Dressing – Edge dressing ensures that steel is safe to handle by removing burrs that occur during production. We have specialist steel processing facilities that can dress edges to our customer’s specific requirements, which protects against possible health and safety risks while handling steel.
  • Shearing – Shearing is a process for cutting sheet metal to size from large stock to produce a straight cut. We use high-quality machines to cut metal to client’s precise specifications and minimise burrs.
  • Blanking – We have in-house blanking facilities for die cutting metal into custom fabricated metal parts to meet a client’s specific requirements. Blanking involves cutting, punching or shearing a metal sheet into smaller pieces using a die or mould.
  • Milling – We have a specialist milling facility for hot and cold working metals to shape bars, rods, plates and sheets to our client’s specified dimensions.
  • Rolling – Rolling is the process to shape and reduce the thickness of metal. A sheet is passed between rolls that compress and lengthen it.
  • Gauge Correction – We ensure that all our metal processing meets dimensional requirements. We can provide gauge correction services to customers’ own material.
  • Straightening – Our facilities have roll straighteners to straighten metal by passing it through a series of rolls.
  • Turret Punching – Turret punching is a process to form metal components using an automatic punching machine for piercing, blanking or forming.
  • Press Brake – A press brake is used to shape sheet metal, such as to bend, blank, corrugate, perforate, curl etc..